Christmas Q&A

20 December 2015

Any bad christmas experiences? @omq.evie

I actually have no idea! If I did have any bad experiences at christmas, it would probably be something really small!

Do you have any christmas traditions? @j.essicawoodd

We always spend time with family and my dad has filmed us opening our presents since me and my sisters were little. I'm not sure on whether he will be filming it this year though!

Is your christmas tree themed? @emsirose

Our christmas tree has never been themed, the baubles have been collected over years, some new and old. I would love a themed christmas tree though, I like that 'put together' look. The colour scheme would probably be rose gold, glass and some other metallic colour!

What is the best thing about christmas? @_sarah_1899

In my opinion, the best thing about christmas is spending time with family and friends. I also love giving people presents as I love seeing their facial expression when they open it.

Favourite christmas song? @hellobubblegumblog

My favourite christmas song is 'Merry Christmas everyone' by Shakin' Stevens. I feel like that song descibes christmas at its best.

What is your favourite part of christmas dinner? @holly_allwright

My favourite part is the yorkshire puddings, they aren't very traditional but I normally have them in mine. My other favourite is roast potatoes!

What is your favourite part of christmas?

Bethan xx


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